Our goal here at Alamo City Management is to help you design the portfolio of your dreams. With endlessly customized services, a roster of other beautiful properties and satisfied owners and a quick and easy online management system that will keep you linked in to your profile any time of day and night, you’re sure to love our help.

We maintain a central location for tenants to pay rent and submit service requests, so you’re always apprised of what’s happening in your buildings. We maintain a strictly commercial business, which means we’re familiar with the ins and outs of commercial real estate, rather than spreading ourselves thin handling residential homes as well. And we’ve retrofitted some of our buildings so that they’re even more modern.

More than anything else, we can help you maximize your time and boost your property’s value by keeping it full of good, responsible, respectful tenants. Our services include:

  • collection and distribution of rent
  • complete accounting
  • thorough reporting
  • preparing and advertising properties
  • emergency and routine maintenance
  • routine inspections
San Antonio, Texas

Your time is limited, and we want to help you make the best of it. Get in touch, and we’ll do just that.